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A surprise at AITF-2010 was the excellent opportunity available for travelling throughout Azerbaijan ... without leaving the exhibition. Visitors liked the idea of uniting stands demonstrating Azerbaijans regions in a single complex -- an enclosed pavilion surrounded by a row of bright expositions.

Visitors studied 17 tourist routes in Azerbaijan, each having its own advantages and flavours. Photo exhibitions, maps, brochures and guidebooks on history, carpets, vases, shebekes (arabesque), ornaments, flowers and traditional decorations are varying from stand to stand.

Figuratively speaking, the mountains and forests coexist with flowering meadows, hot plains and icy waterfalls. Exhibition participants look to attract visitors, and to surprise them with their diverse tourism products, hotel infrastructure, and possibilities for increased tourism in the regions.

Local tourism experts believe that the tourism representatives of Nakhchivan, Guba, Lerik and Baku attending the event have successfully solved this problem.

The booths from Sheki, Gebelya, Ganja and Khachmaz were decorated in a fun and interesting manner, while the Gakh, Lankaran, and Garabagh expositions won over visitors with their informal stories about local heritage.

All the exhibitors have something to be proud of - natural areas filled with unique historical monuments, national cultural treasures and original folk art.

Many regions presented ethnographic ensembles, and dance groups, as well as local wines, and sweets.

So, in the framework of AITF-2010, you are invited on a great trip around Azerbaijan. With each exhibition, we get closer to most remote regions of our country. That is the law of professional tourism exhibitions, as the journey begins at home.


Want to land on a unique fairy-tale island, which celebrates its 500th anniversary of becoming a part of the civilization this year? Mauritius, the heart of the sea-locked state in the south-west of the Indian Ocean, where you can fully enjoy the adventures in the landless waters, descend into the crater of an extinct volcano, enjoy the exotic birds and plants in nature reserves, and become acquainted with different cultures and mentality of myriad nations of the world.

We are ready not only to spend hours of talking about the wonders of Mauritius to all visitors of our stand but also to help with travelling to the magnificent white sand beaches and coral reefs of the island. Here, despite the remoteness of the island, European tourists admire the amazing sportfishing and diving. Though we have rare visitors from Azerbaijan, AITF 2010 has already proved the growing interest of your people in the charms of nature, heavenly impressions and implementation of successful commercial projects. We have myriad international companies, an offshore business centre, robust communications and highly educated people. Some people visit our land for business purposes, while others travel here to buy holiday houses. So, business tourism to Mauritius is as well of a certain interest for Azerbaijani entrepreneurs. Visitors to the exhibition are eager to learn about wide ranges of our services, which might be interesting for them outside the hotel. We explain them that we provide comfortable hotels, excellent services, and delicious food. And of course you can expect amazing tours full of historical and culture peculiarities, environmental surprises, and, finally, real adventures.

This is our first visit to Baku, and we believe that Azerbaijan, a country with strong economy, may allow its people to opt a new idea of relaxing on a tropical island. We have very good relations with Dubai, which is almost next to Azerbaijan. So, there are regular six-hour flights from Dubai to Mauritius. I believe that this is a good opportunity for people from Azerbaijan to discover the tropical island, in particular, island nation Mauritius. Therefore AITF 2010, a professional trade show that is annually held in different countries, gives favourable opportunities. This exhibition has played an important role in disseminating information about our country. Suffice it to say that President of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev personally visited our stand and, in a friendly conversation, showed interest to our state and opportunities for developing tourist relations.

We hope that through this exhibition, we will witness a surprise visit to our country of high level authorities from Azerbaijan. This will, no doubt, intensify international relations and help to develop tourism.


Andrei Andrianov, General Director of SOLEANS (Switzerland):

Where you can successfully combine the possibility of having a quality health care and spend great vacation? My answer is Switzerland, where tourism was originally developed and has now reached its perfection with established infrastructure and traditional services! Your visit to our wonderful country will be facilitated by a Swiss tour operator, which has a 19 year experience in receiving foreign tourists and organizing their leisure.

We receive every customer from all over the world, and arrange every kind of stay and exclusive services for them. Marketing research of requests from our Azerbaijani customers shows that one of the main features of tourists inflow is their desire for alternative medical examination in a European country. People want not just to be treated, but to have quality consultations, and as a consequence, rest in a country such as Switzerland to have unforgettable memories.

I am sure that this exhibition in Azerbaijan will show a positive influence on the increase of the tourists inflow from Azerbaijan to Switzerland. Let me be frank: I was surprised, in a good sense of this word, by interest of visitors shown to our stand, and was pleased to see professional partners in conversation and potential customers.

Yes, you know Switzerland very well!

Participating for the first time in this event, I have already made positive conclusions about the AITF exhibition. I think that our cooperation with the exhibition organiser ITECA CASPIAN will become a tradition. First, it is interesting to and useful for both parties. Second, having a confidence in the potential of Azerbaijani tourists, we are ready to provide them with ongoing assistance in visiting Europe.

Another view of the exhibition is its well organization and ... balance. There is always an opportunity to share views, answer questions, spare time for each visitor and provide him or her with maximum information. Here, an important principle of most international forums, i.e. to find an alternative and ensure balance between quantity and quality of customers, was achieved.

We had very interesting meetings at our stand, and successfully conducted a presentation for Azerbaijani tour operators on the specifics of the selling tours to Switzerland. So, I am satisfied!


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