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17.01.2011 13:54

2011 year declared the “Year of Tourism” in Azerbaijan

"...I suggest that 2011 be declared the “Year of Tourism”. This year, 5 five-star hotels will be opened in Baku. I actually think that this is probably unique for the whole world. Over the course of one year, 5 five-star hotels will be opened in one city, in Baku. At the same time, three- and four- star hotels are under construction in Baku. A lot is being done in the region to develop the hotel business, tourism development in Azerbaijan is already a reality. To create this infrastructure, of course, the state requires significant resources. They are channeled into infrastructure issues. Hotels are being built by the private sector. This means that the level of confidence in Azerbaijan’s development is so high that people can invest millions, hundreds of millions here. Investors are sure that these funds will pay off. Meanwhile, our city is improving and modernizing. Creation of good conditions for those coming to Baku is, of course, an important issue. At the same time, as already mentioned here, a winter and summer skiing resort, a whole skiing infrastructure “Shahdag” is being established. This project was developed exclusively by the state. I have repeatedly visited these districts. When I first went there, there was nothing there, only mountains and no settlements. Mountains are a few kilometers from settlements. Today, roads, electricity, gas, water lines are being built there, the state is building the first hotel. I am sure that from now on the private sector will also join this initiative because there should be a lot of hotels there. There will be a skiing center, elevators, medical centers, restaurants, places for entertainment there. In other words, “Shahdag” will be a recreation center meeting international standards. It should not and will not be any worse than the world's most advanced and popular resorts. This will fetch new investments and create additional conditions for the northern population. Thousands and maybe tens of thousands of new jobs will be created. The number of tourists coming to Azerbaijan will further increase, and Azerbaijan will become a very attractive travel destination.

We have a beautiful nature. The Caspian sea, beautiful mountains, rivers and forests are our greatest assets. We must try to bolster the development of tourism in 2011. Therefore, I think it would be fair to announce 2011 the “Year of Tourism”. We must do everything we can to achieve great results in this area..."

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