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28.03.2014 18:24

ZEMEXPERT: We will show you a different Turkey"

Zemexpert is a creative company in the traditional tourism industry. We believe that tourism and consultation in the XXI century should outpace the imagination of its customers. This is our preferred line of approach at Zemexpert.

We think that the main task in the tourism industry is to constantly expand the set of services on offer, and the ability to quickly, smoothly and accurately integrate these services in an effort to fulfil our customers expectations.

Zemexpert has a team of highly skilled professionals: tourism department managers, guides, experts and advocates. We are able to create and promote unique tourism products, and we are always ready to design an individual program from the broadest range of services. Our experts will select the right product for each client on the basis of his or her wishes, budget and interests.

We have already formed packages for tour operators in Russia and the CIS, including those for business tourism (MICE), medical tourism, and sanatorium and spa treatment packages; children's holidays; and historical, religious and alternative tours. We also offer expert advice on investments and legal support for transactions, and VIP services.

This is just a short list of the most popular services provided by Zemexpert. However, the company places the most emphasis on its integrated tours. Our clients have the opportunity to visit the places that attract their interest, on a route that is comfortable for them.

In addition to tourism services, we can assist businesses in the administration of business transactions in Turkey: we organize and accompany the legal side of transactions with Turkish firms. Furthermore, we offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to successfully combine work with pleasure because a quality holiday also requires careful organization. Thus, you can maximise the benefits without wasting your valuable time. This is especially important for our VIP clients. We can arrange everything: fast and safe movement around the city, ideal accommodation, the best environment for negotiations and the conclusion of transactions, and an exclusive holiday.

It is no wonder to arrange high-level leisure and business trips in Turkey today. However we'll show you a different Turkey - multi-faceted, colourful, rich in history and culture, and with ample opportunities for both leisure and business.

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