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05.04.2013 10:40

Enhancing cooperation with the Crimean Tour Operator

Galina Amarando,

Press Office Chief, Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (ARC):

- Crimea is participating in AITF2013 with a combined stand, representing the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the Crimean Resort and Tourist Office in Azerbaijan, which was officially opened on the eve of the exhibition, as well as the Crimean Tourism Development Centre, Kandahar Group and Onyx tour operator. There are also several companies participating in absentia through information provided in printed advertisements.

The main emphasis on the stand of the ARC is on health tourism. Our land has a unique natural gift, exclusively used for medical and health purposes. In the summer we have plenty of tourists, but we are now looking to expand the span of the tourist season and, to this end, efforts to promote health resort treatment in the Crimea have been intensified.

We have been promoting the tourism opportunities of Crimea in Azerbaijan for more than a year and we are also making good use of the opportunities offered by AITF. Last year, for the first time in 20 years, the numbers of people visiting Crimea with the intention of receiving a health resort treatment increased, and this included an ever-growing number of tourists from Azerbaijan.

It is important to note the beneficial potential of the mutual participation of our countries in events designed to promote tourism and present, as effectively as possible, our diverse recreation opportunities, and treatment and excursion services. This exhibition has certainly addressed these opportunities, and it is well planned and organized. Therefore, we are confident that participation in AITF 2013 will bring mutual benefits, and that our packages and business proposals will find consumers in the local tourism market.

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