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A professional platform to meet Azerbaijan’s growing number of wealthy clients and realty agents interested to invest in the Real Estate abroad.


In the last years there has been a tremendous increase in the number of Azerbaijanis buying overseas property. Such tendency is justifying a strong and constant growing of economy indexes in Azerbaijan.

  • Azerbaijan is a lider in the Caucasus Region and the most stable country in CIS with population 9.7mln.
  • For the recent 7 years GDP increased 3.2 times, Oil Sector increased 2.6 times and the government budget’s income grew 16 times.
  • Over $170 bln USD has been invested to the economy of Azerbaijan during the past 7 years. More than 1.2 mln new job places has been opened.  
  • Population revenue has increased 6.5 times, average salary increased 5.5 times and the poverty dropped down to 5.3%


Targeted Auditorium

A number of Azerbaijani businessmen have substantial and growing disposable income who need to be duly informed and advised on the advantages of purchasing and investing into the overseas property.

Exhibiting at Realty Abroad is a unique chance to meet and to make direct contact with a selected number of reliable agents and reach clients who is eager to invest in real estate abroad and looking for a reputable company to cooperate with.

Azerbaijani businessmen are now looking for professional investment opportunities around the world for their personal enjoyment and for their future.


Advertising & Promotion campaign

To ensure effective work during the 3days exhibition the organisers develop a high level of media promotional campaign which attracts the quality candidates right to the booth.

it includes:

  • Direct distribution of 15,000 invitations under professional database, including all real estate, and travel agencies of Republic, as well as potential businesscircles and government officials. 
  • A broad mass media coverage on TV and radio 1 week prior the fair.
  • Outdoor advertisement: banners, light boxes, roll-ups in hotels and business centers, etc.
  • Ads and articles in specialised and leading mass-media of Azerbaijan.
  • Press conference dedicated to exhibition.





“Thank you for perfectly organized event and kind attention. We've got a good number of leads during the fair and are working on them now. We loved Baku and people there and hope to come again soon!”


Erik Rosenfeld
Sales Director

ETU Homes 



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